Green Initiatives – March 2016

In recent times, Ustinov College has undertaken many green initiatives. Firstly, with the aim of helping the university in reaching its target of a 43% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020, the college has made infrastructural changes to reduce its carbon footprint, such as new and improved recycling bins and low-energy hand dryers. In accordance with this aim, the college continues to demonstrate year in, year out its commitment through its consistent ranking amongst the top five colleges to reduce its energy consumption during the university’s ‘Energy Saving Competition’.

It has also been well-documented that many major UK universities have begun to divest assets from companies associated with fossil-fuel production, the college will be part of the university’s own divestment campaign, providing a successful motion is passed in the next GCR meeting. One of the college’s highlight calender events has become the ‘Green Move Out Sale’ which now occurs twice a year and raises student awareness of and participation in the recycling of household products from kitchenware to furniture.

More recently, the college’s commitment to fairtrade and local produce has been reflected by the growing number of students using Riverford’s college delivery system—a weekly delivery of organic, locally-produced food supplies. This initiative will be promoted in the college’s upcoming Fairtrade Fortnight event, where there will be a selection of fairtrade and local produce, as well as a film to raise awareness of the crucial role fairtrade production has played in changing people’s lives.

Future plans include the implementation of a college bike-renting scheme in time for the summer term and also a green formal to promote ecologically-friendly ways of living.

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