Clubs & Societies Fair

Ustinovians, we hope you are enjoying Induction Week so far! On Sunday the Clubs & Societies Fair took place and our Communications Officer Kimberley took a few lovely photos that we simply have to share with you.

When you entered Sheraton café and immediately turned left, the first table you would see was the one representing the Durham Student Union. The GCR Student Union Liaison Officer Pedro ( explained its purpose to all interested students here.

DSU Liaison Officer Pedro explaining the Durham Student Union to visitors of the Clubs & Societies Fair. Photo by Kimberley Liu.


Our sports teams are always very popular with new Ustinovians. This year, the basketball team managed to recruit a particularly high number of students and they can’t wait for the season to begin!

Members of the male and female basketball teams recruiting new players. Photo by Kimberley Liu.

The Drama Club was the newest society present at the fair. But they already have big plans to prepare plays for all of Ustinov to enjoy!

Ustinov Drama Club, the newest society present at the fair. Photo by Kimberley Liu.


The Spin Doctors, Ustinov’s ultimate frisbee team, was one of the college’s most successful teams last year. They won their league and have now been promoted to the highest league. We hope they found many enthusiastic new recruits to keep their winning streak going!

Members of the Spin Doctors posing with their discs at the fair. Photo by Kimberley Liu.


The Hairstyle & Lifestyle society always adds an exotic flair to any gathering. Their creations could be seen on different visitors of the fair!

Hairstyle creations by the Hairstyle & Lifestyle society. Photos by Kimberley Liu.


Football is the only sport where Ustinov has more than two teams. For men we have an A team and a B team, while the women’s team also plays in the 7-a-side league and in the Futsal league. Busy bees!

Members of the men’s and women’s football team at their table. Photo by Kimberley Liu.

The boardgaming society already had a chance to advertise for themselves at our gaming night on the first evening of induction week. For the clubs & socs fair they brought a selection of board games with them again.

Boardgaming society presenting some of their favourite games.

Finally, the fair was also a great opportunity for members of all societies to mingle and make new friends with Newstinovians and Oldstinovians alike!

Members of various societies coming together for a group photo at the Clubs & Societies Fair.

I had a great time and I hope you all did too! If you missed the fair you can always look up our list of clubs & societies and contact details for each of them HERE. As a result of the fair, we will also have a good handful of new societies starting in the near future, so keep you eyes peeled!

~ Vera, Clubs & Societies Officer

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