Observatory Opening

Exciting news, Ustinov!

The Observatory is finally opening its gates for all GCR members to use. If you go to https://ustinovgcr.com/observatory/ you can find all the important information about the Observatory, including a map of the footpath leading there and photos of the interior and exterior.

Unnamed multi-purpose room.

Inside the Observatory, we have access to two main room and a small kitchen and bathroom. The first room to your left as you enter is a multi-purpose room that is yet to be named. Do you have a creative idea for a name? Please enter it in our poll! The GCR exec will then compile a list of options and let all of Ustinov vote on the name.

The second main room we have access to is the Music Room in the back part of the building. All GCR-owned instruments have been moved there and you can practice to your heart’s content between 8am and 11pm every day!

View of the Music Room inside the Observatory

Please read the Observatory rules and all information about the booking system carefully before you plan your first visit! You do not have to book the rooms to use them; if you see on the online calendar that no booking has been made, you can also spontaneously decide to head over.

Access to the Observatory is only meant for GCR members. If you are not yet a member, you can still become one by paying the GCR levy (Β£40) in cash in the GCR office between 6-8pm every evening.

Part of the footpath leading to the Observatory (yellow).

At this time of the year when the days are getting shorter, please keep in mind that most of the footpath leading from Sheraton to the Observatory is unlighted and unpaved. The Observatory keys come with small flashlights, but if you have one yourself, it certainly would not hurt to bring it along.

Any questions or suggestions? Please don’t hesitate to email the GCR Vice President James (vp.ustinovgcr@durham.ac.uk) or the Clubs & Societies Officer Vera (cs.ustinovgcr@durham.ac.uk)! We hope you love this space as much as we already do!

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