C&S update – cw49

The university is experiencing some strange network issues, so this post is a day late, sorry about that! But you’ll see that it’s worth the wait as it contains interesting reports about two of our non-competing societies! I also went to watch another basketball match last weekend: Our Men’s Basketball team was promoted to the Premiership after their first round of games and had their first Premiership match on Saturday – which they won! Here a picture of the victorious team:

181201 bb1.JPG
Promoted into the Premiership and still undefeated: Men’s Basketball!

And now for the rest of this week’s results:

cw49 results
Results of the Ustinov matches in cw48.

181203 Pool league tableIt was not the best week for Ustinov teams and I know for example that our table tennis defeat was very unfortunate. Nevertheless, we can still rely on pool and basketball to bring in some good news! Well done, everyone! These results also mean that our Pool A & B teams are currently on positions 1 & 2 on the Pool Premiership table!

181204 hl1.png
Haistyles & Lifestyles Society Castle Tour. Photo credits H&L Society.

And now it is time to introduce one of our three non-sports societies, the Hairstyles & Lifestyles Society. Their secretary Tianniu Zhang wrote the report below to explain the society to you all. All photos surrounding the report are posted as received with no further formatting.

The Ustinov College H&L (Hairstyles and Lifestyles) Society aims to promote an appreciation of different classic Asian hairstyle, fashion, and visual culture, and seeks to help its membership to create beautiful and/or stunning photography through unique styles and formal attire! Our society organises many different cultural tours for unique Asian backdrops and settings. The most recent events have included:

Castle Tour- mixing two different sets of cultural heritage ( Asian&European), we visited Durham Castle with our members dressed in Chinese traditional dresses- Qi Pao combined with the Chinese hairstyles of the seventies! This unique visual style resulted in even more Ustinovians interested in getting involved in our social community!

181204 hl2.png
Impressions from the Oriental Museum tour. Photo credits H&L Society / Oriental Museum Instagram.

Traditional Costume Tour in the Oriental Museum- thanks to the support and advertise of the Durham University Oriental Museum, our members displayed traditional costumes of different Chinese dynasties across 5000 years history with attractive traditional hairstyles, building cultural bridges between Chinese students and Oriental Museum Durham University!

181204 hl3.png
Cheering for the Men’s Football Team. Photo credits H&L Society.

Cheer Group for the Ustinov Football Team- our next cultural events also helps the Chinese members enhancing the understanding of European culture. As we swapped sportswear with skirts featuring world famous paintings, lively hairstyles, and created slogans to cheer along our Ustinov College football club!

For increasing an awareness of fitness and healthy lifestyles, the H&L society also offer the social event like climbing which demonstrated the form and functionality of sportswear along with tips on sweat resistant make-up.

181204 hl4.png
Climbing trip. Photo credits H&L Society.

We are planning even more classic cultural events with modish hairstyles in the forthcoming term. In particular, the Durham University International Office has contacted our society regarding the upcoming Chinese New Year, which we look forward to help organise and be a part of. Our H&L Society is a stylish exploration of different ideas and concepts of attractiveness, showcasing unique hairstyles matched with costumes for different occasions/events. We create opportunities for interesting photoshoots and a supportive group encouraging experimentation and improvement. Most of all we are proud to represent the international spirit of an Ustinov College Society!

Thanks for the introduction, Tianniu!

181204 TSD2.JPG
First indoor training of our brand new Tang Soo Do society!

And now it is time to introduce our newest society: Tang Soo Do! The society was just ratified two weeks ago and after we secured a slot in the Community Room for them, they had their first indoor training last week. President Tom Lennie explains what the society is about:

181204 tsd logo

Ustinov Tang Soo Do Society – Press Release

Open to all every Thursday 7-8pm in the Community Room

Introducing the new Ustinov College Tang Soo Do class. Come have fun, meet new people, and try out this traditional Korean martial art. Run by qualified Second Dan Instructor Mr Lennie.

We promote personal development and mental health through physical fitness and self-discipline. With clubs all over the UK, Ireland and the rest of the world, there has never been a better time to start something new; especially with New Year’s resolutions just round the corner. We teach traditional forms, basic and advanced self-defence techniques, weapons training, free-sparing; while training for flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, concentration and self-control to build a more confident you!

Though new to the college, the Tang Soo Do society has had a wonderful year. Competing at the International Martial Arts World Championships this year. The club brought home 3 gold medals, and 3 trophies. Followed by an extra special black belts training weekend in the beautifully rugged Irish hills of Monaghan.

The upcoming year will also see some wonderful events open to all our students here at Ustinov. Including;

  • The European Championships in beautiful Malta
  • Women’s self-defence Seminars
  • Guest Instructors – Including 7th Dan Master S Nar (European coordinator)
  • And some great socials to share with your new friends

An extra special mention goes out in this email to Ant-man (pictured above) who successfully passed his purple belt grading this weekend after a physically exhausting Saturday morning. The grading was followed by a wonderful evening of celebrations with other members of the association visiting from Ireland, London, and Malta.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to try something new and learn to defend yourself at the same time!

Thank you Lennie, this sounds like a really interesting society! We might have to find you a bigger room soon…

181204 TSD1.JPG
Tang Soo Do stretching exercises.


Are you still with me? Christmas is approaching but a few of our teams still have matches this week:

cw49 matches
Upcoming matches for Ustinov teams in cw49.

Pool matches take place at the colleges of the home team, as listed. The badminton and table tennis matches this week both take place at the Durham High School for Girls. All other matches are carried out at Maiden Castle. Find out how to reach Maiden Castle and the precise locations of pitches here: https://ustinovgcr.com/sports-facilities/#mc.

Disclaimer: If you plan to visit a match, it is always a good idea to double-check the fixture on the Team Durham website: https://www.teamdurham.com/collegesport/sport/. Matches can occasionally be rescheduled, though usually no more than 48 hours before they are supposed to start.

181201 bb2.JPG
Battle for the ball!

If you have always wanted to watch some Ustinov matches, this week might be your last opportunity before Christmas! Just go along, the teams are always grateful for your support. If you take any photos there, please don’t hesitate to email them to cs.ustinovgcr(at)durham.ac.uk for a chance to be featured in these weekly updates!

~ Vera, Clubs & Socs Officer

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