C&S Update – cw2

Happy New Year, Ustinov!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break! The second term brings some exciting news on the clubs & societies department:

  • Featured matches: We aim to pick one match every week to which some of us will lead any interested students from the college. Let’s give our Ustinov teams the spectators they deserve and cheer them to even more victories! More about this week’s featured match below.
  • Clubs & Socs Fair Vol. 2: That’s right, we want to host another Clubs & Societies Fair! Quite a few of our teams would like to recruit a few more players, and therefore you will be able to meet representatives of all clubs and societies on Sunday the 10th February from 4pm to 6.30pm in the Sheraton bar/cafรฉ area. Why not stop by and try something new this term?
  • Team Ustinov: Finally, the GCR Clubs & Societies Officer and Sports Reps have created new social media accounts to advertise the activities of our clubs & socs even better. Please follow us on Facebook (Team Ustinov) and Instagram (@team_ustinov)!
Team Ustinov fb.png
The Team Ustinov Facebook Page – why not give us a like?

The new term means that matches will be starting again! In fact, two of our teams are only starting to have matches now: Cricket and Volleyball! Here’s to hoping that Ustinov can climb higher in the college points table again, with everybody’s help. The first weekend already contains a large number of matches for Ustinov teams:

cw2 matches.png
Upcoming matches for Ustinov teams in cw2.

Our featured match this week is the Volleyball match Ustinov A vs Grey A. Our volleyball team was newly formed this year; it might even be the first time that Ustinov has a volleyball team at all. In December all the colleges participated in a friendly volleyball tournament which the Ustinov team won, so I’m very excited to see them play in the league! Anyone who wants to join us to watch and cheer, please feel free to meet up at the Sheraton reception at 10.15am on Sunday. More information in the Facebook event!

Don’t you also love the clear and sunny winter days we are currently having?

And that’s it for this week’s short blog update – from next week we’ll have the usual match reports again, I hope you are looking forward to them as much as I am!

~ Vera, Clubs & Socs Officer

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