C&S Update – cw4

Happy snow week, Ustinov! Sorry that this blog post comes a bit later than usual, I had a very busy week. But please take a look, it contains two great match reports!

190126 bbw.JPG
One of my favourite photos from Saturday’s Women’s Basketball match: “Will the ball go in??”

In terms of sports, a slightly depressing weekend lies behind us, cementing Ustinov firmly at the bottom of the college sports points table. But there are still a few more weeks to go!

cw4 results
Results of the Ustinov matches in cw3.

A big shout-out to our Men’s Football B, Women’s Hockey, Volleyball, and Pool A teams who did manage to make points last week! An honorary mention goes to Women’s Basketball who lost by one point less than ten seconds before the match ended – I was there and it was incredibly exciting to watch! Well fought, ladies!

190123 footw1.JPG
First group photo of our women’s football team in about 2-3 years – doesn’t look like -6°C, does it?

Last week our featured match was the Women’s Football Floodlit Quarter Final Ustinov A vs Hild Bede A! Let’s hear about the match from vice-captain Anouk:

One Icy Night at Maiden Castle

Wednesday was the floodlit match against Hild Bede. It was a really tough game, with lots of action despite the freezing cold weather. Sadly this time we were beaten, but I think there was still quite a lot of positives to take on from this game. 

Hild Bede opened up the score very quickly, catching our defence a bit by surprise within the first few minutes. Out attack tried a few shots at their keeper but struggled to get close to their goal. Half way through the first half, a Hild Bede player single-handedly scored probably what was the most beautiful goal of the game. She overtook our defence on the wing and finished with a strong shot just under the crossbar. Unstoppable!

We finished the first half 3 goals down, but came back with a very good offensive spirit after half-time. Shout out particularly to Anne for the fighting spirit up front! We had at least three really close chances to score and get back in the game, including a penalty. But, I’m afraid luck (or fate?!) was definitely not on our side this time. Hild Bede managed to turn the tide around half way through the second half and got another three more goals in before the end of the game. The final score was 6-0.

I took our college mascot Peter the Platypus down to watch the game, but unfortunately he did not bring much luck. Check out the incredibly cute photo of him with the Hild Bede mascot on the Team Ustinov Instagram! In any case, my feet were completely numb after the first half, so I fled to warm up while the girls continued playing. You put up a great fight, well done!

190123 footw2.JPG
It’s tough to play an outdoor sport in winter…


190126 basketm1.JPG
…the indoor sports are better off!

On Saturday both Ustinov Basketball teams had matches at the same time in courts next to each other. I already mentioned the outcome of the ladies’ match above – let’s now hear from men’s captain Christos!

Lost in the (Colling)woods

Ustinov’s Basketball Men’s team had our first game in 2019 last Saturday against Collingwood. We knew from the beginning they have a very well trained team that play in a high level usually, so we were ready from the beginning to be our best and take our chances. The game went underway and in the first minutes we had a four point lead thanks to tough defence and two baskets from Giorgio and Yang. Soon Collingwood started to run more in the offense and make some really tough shots that gave them a 5 point lead by the end of the first quarter.

We tried to mix it up a bit in the second quarter and confuse them in offence but they managed to keep us low in scoring and found some incredibly hard three pointers to get a nine point lead by the end of halftime. We started the third quarter with our starting lineup in order to press more and we managed to find some scoring but so did they. The difference stayed in similar levels and we knew we needed some of our shots to go in so we could move closer and get the pressure in their side. This didn’t happen and with some unanswered points on their side in the last minutes we finished the quarter trailing by sixteen.

Things were incredibly tough for us in the fourth quarter as we knew time and score was not in our favour. We kept shooting in very low percentages and that means it was impossible to get closer to the score and we ended up losing by fifteen points. Although we were a bit disappointed by the score and the defeat we knew that we tried our best. Hopefully next week when we finish our group stage games and before we start the playoffs we’ll be able to do better.

This was another game I watched last week and despite the large points difference in the end, the Ustinov team played very well – Collingwood ended up scoring much fewer points than in all their previous matches, that shows our team’s strong defense! Well done guys!!

190126 basket.JPG
Group photo of both Ustinov Basketball teams united after they matches on Saturday!

As you can guess from the snow that has been covering Durham since last night, it is very likely that most outdoor matches this weekend will be postponed. The only matches that will most certainly take place are Volleyball on Sunday 9am at Maiden Castle and Cricket on Sunday 11am at Durham School. Please check with the team captains if you are unsure!

190126 peter.JPG
Next time, why not join Peter to watch our teams?

This week I was going to feature the hockey matches on Sunday, but they will most likely be postponed in this weather. If you prefer to sit indoors and eat hot dogs when watching sports in these cold temperatures, why not head to Ustinov bar on Sunday night? We are showing the Superbowl from 11pm and there will be lots of hot dogs and doritos for that USA feeling! See you there!

~ Vera, Clubs & Societies Officer

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