Why go to a GM?

“What is this quorum talk and why are people bothering me to attend this general meeting?”, you might ask.

As you might know, the GCR is Ustinov’s Graduate Common Room, independent from college and run by volunteers. The GCR is responsible for quite a few things making Ustinov College a special place. They provide facilities, entertainment (parties, formals and live music nights), experiences (trips to Lindisfarne for example), equipment (sports and music instruments, and so much more. Did you know that the GCR is also responsible for the vending machine? And the selection of drinks in the bar? There are a lot, A LOT of things which wouldn’t happen without the GCR and it is a cornerstone of our community.

In order for the GCR to continue doing its job, general meetings are necessary. This is where GCR members (and yes! that includes you if you have a membership!) meet to listen as the committee give an overview of what they have been working on. It is also necessary to pass financial budgets and to implement changes. For example, this upcoming meeting will propose changes to the GCR’s constitution and those can only be passed when there is a quorum. A quorum means that there must be minimum number of members present for anything to be voted on. So without YOU, the GCR won’t be able to function.That is why it is so important for you to attend and it’s not just about sitting there, you can also ask questions and take part in decision making. Last week, we were one person short to pass quorum, please come along this Sunday to avoid this from happening again. 😊

[Written by an impassioned member of the Ustinov Graduate Common Room]

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