Ustinov Live: At Home Edition!

Good Afternoon, Ustinov!

The current situation has meant that we have missed out on the final Ustinov Lives of the year…but we still have more talent to showcase!  Therefore, it’s time for Ustinov Live: At Home Edition!  The idea is simple:  we want to show you performances by your fellow Ustinovians from the comfort of your own home.  Excitingly, some of your Ustinov Live favourites have already said they are in.  Now, it’s your turn to get involved!

We would love to have as many of you perform as we can, so if you sing, dance, play a musical instrument, read poetry, or have some other hidden talent that you want to share then let us know.  To get involved, you would need to have your musical instrument/anything else you may need and some kind of camera where you are currently living.  You would then video record yourself, either each performance individually or your full set of performances in one go, whichever you preferred!  You can of course introduce the performance, but if you don’t want to it is not necessary.  Then, you would send your video recording to us at .  If anyone would be interested in trying to mix together a band then let us know as we may be able to help you out. Once we have all the performances we would combine them perhaps with some commentary in between, and stream the final product to all of our Ustinovians over Facebook/Instagram (and maybe also Youtube).

Timings of the performances can be discussed.  Whether you wish to add one song to the line up or do a full set, all are welcome!  To get an idea of what this might look like in the end (roughly speaking…) you can take a look here at this great livestream done for Covid-19 relief in mid-April (first performance starts at 3:15). We will do our best to make this a successful stream (and are already testing out the software we hope to use), however if there is anyone experienced in streaming/mixing music that would like to help us out or give some advice then we would be very grateful!

We are hoping to have things compiled and ready to go in early June (date tbc), so performers you would have 3 or so weeks to get your recording sent to us.  During this difficult time for everyone, it would be wonderful to bring Ustinov together to celebrate the talent that we have in this college.

If you are interested in getting involved then email and we can discuss details.  Or, if you have any questions before you decide then please do get in touch.

Stay safe,

Alastair and Connor


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