GCR Levy 2021-22

After an unusual year, we are hoping to return to an almost-normal calendar. We now have a single GCR Membership price that includes everything and this once again costs Β£40. You can purchase it here.
Gym memberships will be sold separately and will be announced shortly.

This membership gets you:

  • Voting rights in GCR elections/ at General Meetings
  • Discount on Formal Tickets
  • Significant discount on Summer Ball Tickets and gym memberships
  • Discounted trip tickets
  • Access to our Disney+ subscription
  • Use of GCR DVD library
  • Can use the GCR PS4 and Wii in the bar!
  • Access to Music Room and instruments (drum kit, piano, keyboard, electric and acoustic guitars, bass)
  • Can borrow sports and fitness equipment

The levy is also used to fund all our events throughout the year, including DJ parties, live music, silent discos, the pub quiz and the huge Summer BBQ! It funds our clubs and societies and helps with our provision of welfare support and supplies. We also use it to fund upkeep and improvements to our facilities – like pool tables, gym equipment, bar furniture.

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