Club or Society Ratification Form

Clubs and societies are an important part of the GCR community. They provide the opportunity for students with common interests to get together and participate in activities outside of their studies.

A list of all the current clubs and societies can be found below. If you would like to join a club or society, just email the contact you’ll find in the list below. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then perhaps you might consider Setting Up a New Club or Society.

If you would like to apply for funding or ratify your club/society then please fill out the Ratification Form

Please note that membership must be open to all GCR member and that the purpose of all proposed clubs & societies must agree with the GCR aims and objectives.

Societies require at least 5 members, of whom at least 3 must be members of the GCR.

A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Check if the club or society currently exists or has previously existed. If there was a previous club or society of the same type that has ceased to exist there may be old equipment you can use.
  2. Arrange a meeting with the GCR Clubs and Societies Officer to discuss your idea.
  3. Read the GCR Clubs and Societies Regulations.
  4. Find a President, Treasurer and Secretary who are members of the GCR.
  5. Write a constitution. A default constitution is available here.
  6. Complete a Ratification Form, including the information of your society officers and attaching your consitution.
  7. Complete an ITS non-personal registration form if your new society requires an email address or web space. The suggested form for mail name is uv-society_name. Once complete please hand the the GCR Office. (Optional)
  8. You may be contacted by the Clubs & Societies Officer to discuss any concerns they may have or for requests for further information. They will take your proposal to the next GCR Committee Meeting for approval.
  9. At the next GCR General Meeting a vote will be held to ratify the new club or society.
  10. Open a bank account. Clubs and society bank accounts can be opened with HSBC. You will need a letter from the GCR Office stating your affiliation. (Optional)
  11. Apply for GCR funding. You will need a bank account in order to do this. All requests will be voted upon by the GCR at a general meeting. (Optional)

If you need any help with the above please contact the GCR Clubs and Societies Officer.