Quick Guide – Committee Web

The GCR is made up of a committee of elected student officers who represent the needs of postgraduate students. We are divided into the following:

GCR Committee Chart 2

Executive Committee

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chair, Bar Steward, Clubs & Societies Officer, Communications Officer, DSU (Durham Students’ Union) Liaison Officer, Induction Officer, International Students Officer, Livers Out Representative, Social Secretary, Welfare Officer

Facilities Committee

Vice President*, Treasurer, International Students Officer, Ecology Representatives (x2), Livers Out Representative, Dryburn Representative, Howlands Representative, Sheraton Park Representative, and President

Finance Committee

Treasurer*, Assistant Treasurer, Social Secretary, Clubs & Societies Officer, and President

Social Committee

Social Secretary*, Deputy Social Secretary, Press Secretary, Communications Officer, Formal Secretary, Ball Secretary, International Student Officer, Ents Officer, DUCK Liaison Officer, Video Master, Tech Officer, Bar Steward, and President

Communications Committee

Communications Officer*, Press Secretary, Webmaster, Tech Officer, and President

Clubs & Societies Committee

Clubs & Societies Officer*, Female and Male Sports Representatives, and President

Welfare Committee

Welfare Officer*, LGBT+ Representative, International Students Officer, Livers Out Representative, Male Welfare Representative, Female Welfare Representative, and President

Steering Committee

Chairperson* and Election Officers (x2)

The Chair is ex officio a member of all committees.

*Indicates Chair of Committee