Fisher House Bar

The Bar in Full Swing

Fisher House Bar. Think of it as your living room. With loads of comfy couches, music, television, and a huge selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, it’s the perfect place to hang out with your friends, meet people, or do a spot of work. Staffed by Ustinov students, the atmosphere here gives Ustinov that ‘homely’ feel.



Over the years, Ustinov has acquired a reputation as a place with a  unique atmosphere, different from undergraduate bars due to its specific postgraduate and international demographic. Our drinks collection reflects this, and you can find what is believed to be the largest single malt whisky collection in Durham. Menu below the image!

2016-02-28 20.26.21.jpg
Here is some of our whisky. We have the largest single malt collection in Durham!


Opening hours

Monday  –  Friday: 7.30pm – 12.00am

Sat – Sunday: 2pm – 12am

Parties: Usually on a party night the bar will close at 2am.


The GCR pays for music licenses, TV licenses, and licenses that allow us to show movies in  a club premises. There is also an HD projector, which is used to display sports, films, or shows onto a large screen. You can book what you want to watch here!

Bar Governance

As a crucial part of social life at Fisher, the GCR takes an active role in bar governance. The President, Treasurer, Social Secretary, and Welfare Officer all sit on the Bar Management Committee in order to provide student input on matters related to the bar. Most recently, active lobbying on behalf of the GCR negotiated a deal for the bar to stay open during weekend afternoons. This was in lieu of pressure to close the bar in the afternoons. The GCR, after consulting with students, felt that the atmosphere of Fisher House was improved on the weekend with an open bar.