Formals & the Summer Ball

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A few times a term the Ustinov puts on formal dinners. These are three course meals where you sit with your friends, dress up, and have a good old knees up. They are usually based on a theme, and are usually followed by a party in the Sheraton bar or an external location. Past Formal themes include Bonfire Night, Christmas, Burns Night, and Halloween. They really are a fantastic part of the collegiate experience, and GCR members get subsidised tickets.

Format: Depending on the formal, the format is usually as follows. People are seated, then then there are a couple of speeches. Food is then served and there may be some inter-course entertainment. After the dinner is finished (usually about 9.30pm), there is usually a party, either in the Sheraton bar or at an external location.

Formals in the 2019-20 academic year:

  • 4th October – Induction Formal at the Radisson Blu Hotel
  • 7th November – Bonfire Night Formal at Hatfield College
  • 16th December – Christmas Formal at St. Mary’s College
  • 24th January – Burns Night Formal at the Radisson Blu Hotel
  • 31st March – Castle Formal
  • 18th June – Summer Ball at Ramside Hall
  • 6th July – College Awards Formal at Durham Town Hall