Become a GCR Member

All Common Rooms (student bodies of colleges) at Durham charge a fee for students. These fees vary. For example, in some colleges the fee is charged for three years for undergraduates starting their first year. Ustinov offers one of the lowest levies of all colleges.

The Ustinov GCR levy is £40 per academic year.

At the beginning of the academic year, you receive an email linking you to an online system where you can choose to opt-in, meaning that college will charge you the levy and pass it on to us, or opt-out. If you want to buy associate membership you will need to come to the office and sign up (cash only).

Regardless of your level involvement in student life, you will most definitely benefit from the fee! These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Regular events in Sheraton bar, such as parties, pub quizzes, movie nights, and open mic nights
  • A large variety of Induction Week activities
  • Discounted tickets to formals, trips, and other GCR events
  • Greatly discounted gym membership (more information on purchase of gym membership HERE)
  • Facilities such as the bar projector, pool tables, darts board, board games, DVD library, rental of sports equipment and games consoles, and much more!
  • Licenses to play music, movies and television in the Sheraton bar/café Area.
  • Access to Fisher Room with comfortable sofas in the Observatory
  • Music equipment in the Music Room
  • Audio visual equipment for the bar and for various events
  • Funding of all Ustinov teams, clubs, and societies that you can participate in
  • Free food at selected events
  • … and much more!

Really, the benefits are limitless. If you are unsure how to become a GCR member, just stop by at the GCR office to find out how to become a part of this incredible community!

GCR poster A4