How to Stay Connected

Those of us on the Committee want to keep our fellow GCR members informed about what’s  happening at Ustinov, so we make the following efforts to keep you updated!


GCR and college updates are circulated each week through the GCR Newsletter. These newsletters are sent directly to your university email address as well as posted on various Facebook groups.


In 2016, the GCR Communications Committee initiated a communications strategy which involves a media tool in the form of an iPhone we’ve lovingly nicknamed “Marcel the Cell”. This phone photographs all the GCR events as well as hosts our various social media accounts.  We are proud of our strong social media presence on the following portals:

*Facebook – Regardless of whether you live on our Howlands site, at Keenan House, or in private accommodation, there is a Facebook community for you! These pages are both active and interactive – they are a hub for event postings, college updates, and student news!

*Instagram – Following @ustinovgcr on Instagram will be the best thing you ever do! We make sure to keep you intrigued with photos of GCR events, Ustinov, Durham, and more! Plus, every Wednesday there is a featured trivia question where you can win a FREE DRINK during the Pub Quiz on Thursday!

*Twitter – Once you’ve followed us on Instagram, following @ustinovgcr on Twitter will be the best thing you ever do! We tweet out gym inductions, ticket sale information, event updates, and more!

*WhatsApp – This is one of our newest features thanks to Marcel the Cell! Send the message “Update me!” to +447871257749 to receive updates directly to your phone! By registering with this service, you are the first to hear about social events, ticket sales, college updates, even sometimes a hint for our Wednesday Free Drink promotion on Instagram. Sign up today!


That’s right, we have an app! Search and download “Ustinov App” on your phone and stay up to date on regular events, social media posts, photos, Ustinovian blog…all in one app! Supports Android and iOS.