Howlands & MUGA

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A Cow in Action on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) ((Moo-ga))


The Howlands hall is a covered sports hall shared between Ustinov and Josephine Butler Colleges. There is sports equipment in there, pads, and even speakers. In addition to sports, it is used for events, from formals to parties. If you are from Ustinov, and wish to book it for everything, please consult the below timetable to see which days and times are Ustinov time. When you have decided when you want to book please contact Sheila Seal at s.m.seal[at]


Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA)

The MUGA is an outdoor caged sports area where people play football, tennis, basketball, cricket, and any other sport that is deemed appropriate there. Like the Howlands, the space is shared with Josephine Butler. To book a time slot, please email Sheila Seal after consulting with the below timetable.