Join the 2022-2023 Ustinov Facebook Group!

A new beginning is coming to Ustinov, combining old traditions with new possibilities. The 2022/23 Academic Year is soon to be upon us, and a fresh wave of new Ustinovians with it! For those joining us here at Ustinov College, we invite you to begin learning more about our postgraduate community by joining us on Facebook. We will be sharing information about the college, answering questions and providing guidance for soon-to-be fresh arrivals, and creating a general forum for this year’s Ustinovians to begin connecting with their new home. It is a good first step for those newcomers wishing to begin to engage with the Ustinov GCR.

What is the Ustinov GCR?

The Ustinov College Graduate Common Room (GCR) is the student body representing Durham University’s postgraduate community. We are a registered charity, consisting of two key elements, members and an elected committee. Members pay a levy (the cheapest in the university), which is used to provide facilities, entertainment, experiences, equipment, funding, and, above all, memories! It is the work of the GCR that results in students here saying that their time at Ustinov was one of the most memorable periods of their life. So join us for formal dinners, excursions, parties, karaoke, sport, movie nights, and much much more! Want to help shape people’s experience, then consider running for a position on the GCR Committee!