Levy and Finances

All Colleges at Durham charge a fee for students. These fees vary. For example, in some colleges the fee is charged for three years for undergraduates starting their first year. Ustinov offers the lowest levy of all colleges. For those living in, who are more likely to benefit, the GCR Levy is £40 and added to the accommodation charge. For those living out, they can choose to opt-in and also pay £40.

Regardless of your level involvement in student life, it is difficult not to benefit from the fee. The  fee covers, but is not limited to the following:

-A welcoming community that hosts weekly Pub Quizzes and Movie Nights, as well as open mic nights, Formals, parties, and other events throughout the year!

-FREE Induction Week Activities!

-Discounted tickets to Formals, trips, and other GCR events

-Facilities such as the bar projector, pool tables, darts board, darts, movie room, and anything else you find in Fisher House! Don’t forget about those comfy leather couches!

-Licenses to play music, movies and television in the Fisher House Area.

-Music equipment for the Music Room

-Audio visual equipment for the bar and for various events

-Gym equipment

-The ability to represent Ustinov in a Team, Club, or Society. Funding for those societies.

-FREE invitation to the Summer BBQ! Discount on Summer Ball Tickets

-Really, the benefits are limitless. If you aren’t already a GCR member, find out here how to become a part of this incredible community!

Finances: Some Facts

Some facts. The GCR’s accounts are run by the Treasurer, who can makes BACS payments and card purchases. The President can also make purchases on a debit card.

Members of the Executive Committee can approve  up to £50 expenditure without Executive Committee Approval.

Expenditure of up to £500 (e.g. for formals) must be done by the executive committee.

Expenditure of over £500 must be approved at a General Meeting by popular majority.