Projector Booking in the Bar

In the Sheraton bar & café area, there is a projector and two TVs that can show the same program simultaneously. In addition to regular terrestrial channels, the GCR funds a BT Sports package that shows numerous sporting events. However, it is best to book the projector/TVs out if you wish to watch a program or game on the weekend or on weekday evenings to ensure your choice gets priority. Before booking, please check the schedule at the bottom of the page to ensure that nobody entered a booking at the same time!

To book the screens, please use the booking form below. In the interests of fairness, you can only book two weeks in advance! Remember, booking will not guarantee you can watch anything, it is up to the porter or bar staff to switch on the relevant equipment.  Also, GCR events will void any bookings. This means that bookings cannot be made during film night (Tuesday), or the pub quiz (Thursday), or any other GCR events. If your booking clashes with darts matches (Monday) or pool matches (Wednesday & Sunday), it is up to the teams to decide whether a program being shown on the TVs disturbs them or not.