Trips & Excursions

WhitbyThe sun was shining for our beautiful trip to Whitby

‘I read; I travel; I become’. When he said these words, Derek Walcott wasn’t probably thinking about Ustinov. However, they elegantly define what being a Ustinovian is all about. We read (sometimes too much) and we undergo a transformation by which we become mindful citizens of the world. In the GCR we wish to encourage this process by organising day trips around the North of England and the Scottish South so you can enjoy what this ancient land has to offer.


Good memories and great friends were made in Newcastle

So far, the Ustinov GCR has visited a myriad of picturesque locations including York, Whitby, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Manchester’s Chinese New Year, Edinburgh, or the Lake District. Not to mention our traditional induction excursion to Newcastle! Why don’t you check our photo selection? People’s faces of enjoyment and curiosity talk for themselves! Stay connected and be the first one to know where the GCR is taking us next.


Ustinovians enjoying the Christmas markets in York