Putting the 'you' in Ustinov

A registered charity and community run by an elected group of students dedicated to making your time at Ustinov College wonderful (Charity no. 1164865)

Ustinov GCR

Ustinov GCR is…

Everything. The Ustinov College Graduate Common Room (GCR) is the student body representing Durham University’s postgraduate community. We are a registered charity, consisting of two key elements, members and an elected committee. Members pay a levy (the cheapest in the university), which is used to provide facilities, entertainment, experiences, equipment, funding, and, above all, memories! It is the work of the GCR that results in students here saying that their time at Ustinov was one of the most memorable periods of their life. So join us for formal dinners, excursions, parties, karaoke, sport, movie nights, and much much more! Want to help shape people’s experience, then consider running for a position on the GCR Committee!


Covid-19 Update

As with the UK and most of the world, we are having to react to current events that are outside our control. As such, we are not running a full social program – all of our in-person events are cancelled and most facilities are unavailable. We’re still working hard to move what we can online. Keep an eye on our social media and your emails for updates

If you need help during this time please see here for advice on whom to contact. We also have a page of social distancing activities to help keep you occupied whilst undergoing social distancing or self-isolation. There is a separate page with welfare tips to help your physical and mental health. We have also set up a Discord Server to help you keep in touch. You can use it for chatting and hanging out, procrastinating and playing games together. We are using it to run quizzes and film nights whilst the bar is out of use.

We are currently gearing up to run more social events, including a return of “Ustinov Live!” (our open mic nights). Please bear with us in the meantime and if you have any suggestions or would like to help out then email