Pool and Table Tennis

The Common room and the Seminar room are available to use for pool and table tennis. For now since only livers-in are allowed in the college these facilities are available only to them. The rooms are available from 8pm – 11pm every day (unless the space is booked for another reason) and there can be NO household mixing .

Note also that you will should be getting tested regularly once a week (the LFT provided by the university is fine)!

If you want to book one of the rooms please use this form (make sure you provide the names and student numbers of all attendants). If the day/room you’re looking for is not in the list it is either not available anymore or just not shown yet and you’ll have to book at a later day. Since every day only 1 household can use each room, you can have up to two active bookings at a time.

Rules of usage

  • You can only access the rooms if you have booked them (booking needs to be done up to the day before).
  • To get access, come to the reception and the porters will unlock the door for you. Please bring your student card with you as you will need to show it.
  • When you’re done, please wipe all the equipment you have used (cues, rackets, balls etc) with the wipes provided and put them back so the next group can easily find them.
  • The table tennis is free to use but for the pool tables you need a 20p coin for each game of pool so make sure you bring enough.

If you have any problems or further questions please email Christos (cs.ustinovgcr@durham.ac.uk )

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