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Join the 2019-20 Ustinov Facebook group for updates and advice:

The group is a great place to post any queries you may have and find out what’s going on at college!


If you have questions or concerns related to any of the following, please feel free to contact the appropriate committee member:

Interests of the college, University, or other institutions outside the GCR:

President – Diana Martinez-Trejo

Facilities including health and safety regulations, Ustinov clothing, or the maintenance of vending/gaming machines:

Vice President – Connor Armstrong

GCR Elections:

Chairperson – Alex Hampton

GCR financial matters:

Treasurer – Vera Bieber

Ustinov clubs and societies & gym memberships:

Clubs + Societies Officer – Rayan Rachedi

Durham Student Union:

Acting DSU Liaison Officer – Alex Hampton/ Diana Martinez-Trejo

Livers Out issues:

Livers Out Representative – Shreya Khandelwal

GCR communications including, but not limited to, emails, social media posts, posters, and other advertising efforts:

Communications Officer – Maggie Lou

International student representation:

International Students Officer – Ahmed Shafquat Hassan

GCR social events:

Social Secretary – James Ireland

Health or safety problems including, but not limited to, living conditions, illness, mental health problems or anxieties about personal safety:

Welfare Officer – Bryony Rogers

Sheraton Park Bar:

Bar Steward  – Arabeth Lecuyer

Meeting Minutes:

Secretary – Rebecca Salthouse

For questions or concerns relating to anything not previously listed: