As your elected welfare committees, we are here wholeheartedly to hear from our residents! We do our best to serve your requirements and make every possible effort to ensure your welfare benefits.

Welfare Office Hours are every Tuesday 5-6pm and Thursday 8-9pm in the GCR office, next to the college reception!


Welfare Officer, LGBT Representative, Male Welfare Representative, Female Welfare Representative, International Student Officer, and GCR President

The chair of the Welfare Committee, the Welfare Officer, attends weekly executive meetings to discuss the welfare needs of students. We think for you, vote for you, and speak for you on behalf of your best welfare interest when you study in Durham.

As your welfare team, we listen to you in any ways you feel comfortable: anonymous emails, letters, or a private conversation between you and one of our welfare officers with a cup of tea might help you regain your peace, even get inspired to solve the problem afterword.

As your welfare team, we hold interesting and educative welfare events, like ‘how to consent’, ‘LGBT theme movies’ ‘alcohol awareness’ and ‘care of mental health’, to let you know how to protect yourself and your friends as well. We also freely provide basic welfare supplies like condoms, pregnancy tests, and hygienic lube. Meanwhile,  we update the welfare board monthly to let you know about the latest welfare events, the hottest welfare topics, and useful welfare information.