How do I join the GCR Committee?

The GCR has elections throughout the year. Elections for the Executive Committee are held in the Summer Term, while the elections for other positions occur around October when the large intake of new students is complete. However, if you miss the October elections, there are usually vacant positions that will be advertised throughout the year. See below for a list of positions that will be up for election at the next General Meeting. For more info on what each role entails, see here.

Elections will be advertised by email and on the GCR’s various social media accounts. If you decide to run for a position, simply fill in the form below. You will then be required to give a short, two minute presentation at a GCR general meeting. Any questions, just ask our Chair Person, or a member of the Executive Committee!

Thinking of running for a position? Simple, just fill out this form!

The next GM will be on: 12th July

Exec Roles up for Election:

  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Bar Steward
  • Communications Officer
  • DSU Liaison Officer

Social Committee Roles up for Election:

  • DUCK Liason Officer

Facilities Committee Roles up for Election:

  • Sheraton Park Reps. (1)
  • Dryburn Reps. (2)
  • Eco Reps. (1)

Communications Committee Roles up for Election:

  • Webmaster
  • Press Secretary

Other Committee/ Subcommittee Members:

  • Induction Officer
  • Deputy Induction Officer
  • Election Officer (1)

Non-Committee Roles:

  • Student Trustee