Clubs and Societies

Frisbee in the sky over the Maiden Castle sports grounds. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.

Clubs and Societies are a vital part of Ustinov College. They are a great way to meet new people, make friends, represent Ustinov, and have fun!

Quick links to descriptions of individual clubs and societies:
Basketball Women’s Team
Basketball Men’s Team
Cricket Team
Football Men’s Teams
Football Women’s Team
Hockey Teams
Table Tennis
Ultimate Frisbee Team
Pool Teams
Darts Team
Gaming Society
Hairstyle & Lifestyle Society

Our clubs and societies are inclusive of everyone regardless of experience and provide a friendly atmosphere and a welcome break from your studies throughout the year. This is your chance to come along and try something new! More clubs and societies can be formed throughout the year, so feel free to get in touch with the Clubs & Societies Officer if you have any ideas: cs.ustinovgcr(at)

The clubs and societies can be divided into competitive sports teams and non-competitive societies:

Sports: Our sports teams represent Ustinov in competitions with teams from other colleges. Sometimes they even get to represent Durham University in matches against teams from other universities! But despite the competitive nature, the teams are very friendly and welcoming towards people of all skill levels. The inclusive spirit of our teams means that newcomers quickly become part of the ensemble. Currently, Ustinov has basketball (m/f), cricket (mixed), football (m/f), hockey (m/f), table tennis (mixed), and ultimate frisbee (mixed) teams. Another type of sports are our pool and darts teams where you don’t even have to get sweaty to be victorious. Scroll down to see some pictures and read more about each team!

Societies: In our non-sports societies you can meet people who share your interests! Currently, we have a choir, a board games society, and a hairstyle & lifestyle society. Ustinov has many Master students who only stay for one year, so the number of societies can fluctuate a lot from year to year. Feel free to start your own!

Starting new societies: Click here for more information!

Facilities: To see the sports halls our clubs and societies have access to, please click here.

A word from the Clubs and Societies Officer Vera Bieber (2018-19)

When I came to Durham and Ustinov, I soon joined a sports team and two non-sports societies and later founded a new sports club that had not previously existed. I am now in the second year of my PhD and the clubs and societies are still one of the most important parts of college life to me. What better way to catch a break from your work than to spend time with people who are enthusiastic about a common interest?? The competitive sports have a special place in my heart because it fills me with pride to see Ustinov teams doing well against teams from other colleges full of undergrads that have more free time and stick around for a longer time. But it also makes me happy to see variety of non-sports societies Ustinov boasts and I wish that we can expand it even further to cover even more interests! I can only recommend each and every one of you to try out at least one or two of our clubs and societies to get the most out of your time here.
For any questions about clubs & societies, feel free to contact me: cs.ustinovgcr(at)



A list of all the current clubs and societies can be found below. If you would like to join a club or society, just email the listed contact. If you don’t find what you are looking for, maybe it is time to set up a new club or society.


Basketball mixed team_edit
Mixed Ustinov basketball team representing Durham University in York.

Basketball Women’s Team
Captain: –
Contact: Will Prew, basketball president – william.t.prew(at)

Women’s Basketball Team


Men’s Basketball Team in action.

Basketball Men’s Team
President: Will Prew – william.t.prew(at)
Captain: Christos Vlahos – christos.vlahos(at)

Men’s Basketball Team


Cricket team in action. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.

Cricket Team

Captain: Dan Rutter – daniel.rutter(at)

Cricket team


Men’s Football Team warming up. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.

Football Men’s Team

A Team Captain: Angus Ritchie – angus.w.ritchie(at)
B Team Captain: Dzulfian Syafrian – dzulfian.syafrian(at)

Men’s Football A Team. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.


Colourful footballs. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.

Football/Futsal Women’s Team

Captain: Anna Bird – anna.bird(at)

Football w webpage
Women’s Football Team


Hockey Team in action. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.

Hockey Teams

Men’s Team Captain: Miles Hudson – miyls(at)
Women’s Team Captain: Charlotte O’Brien – charlotte.o’

Mixed Hockey Team


Table Tennis balls

Table Tennis

Captain: Vera Bieber – vera.s.bieber(at)

Table Tennis society members trying their hand at pickleball.


Frisbee Team match preparations. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.

Ultimate Frisbee Team

Captain: Tom Pitts – tom.pitts(at)

“Spin Doctors” Ultimate Frisbee Team. Photo by Iqbal Ahmed.


Pool match at Trevelyan College.

Pool Teams

President: Yan Birch – y.k.birch(at)
A Team Captain: Yan Birch – y.k.birch(at)
B Team Captain: Tom Rose – thomas.d.rose(at)
C Team Captain: Ariam Mora – ariam.mora-hernandez(at)

Pool Team posing in Fisher House.




Choir Christmas 2017.JPG
Choir at their Christmas concert 2017.


Co-president: Stephen Rouse (s.j.rouse(at)
Co-president: Tom Potter (thomas.d.potter(at)

Choir at the Ustinov Summer BBQ.



Gaming Society

President: Will Glossop – william.n.glossop(at)



Hairstyle & Lifestyle Society on a climbing trip.

Hairstyle & Lifestyle Society

President: Kimberley Liu – jiawei.liu(at)

Dressing up in traditional Chinese costumes for Chinese New Year.