Ustinov College Awards 2021

Ustinov, it is time to vote for our annual College Awards! Following the nominations submitted from Ustinov students, you can now vote for your favourite candidate in each of the following categories:

Serious Categories:

  • Outstanding contribution by an individual to College life – PhD student
  • Outstanding contribution by an individual to College life – Masters student
  • Undercover Hero (the person you feel has made a great difference to College life ‘behind the scenes’ but perhaps, doesn’t always receive recognition for their amazing efforts).
  • Outstanding Contribution by a Non-Ustinovian (this could be a student from another college, a College mentor, a member of staff etc.)
  • Best Quiz Host
  • Biggest Contribution to Life at Dryburn
  • Volunteer of the year

Non-serious categories:

  • Best Ustinov Chef
  • Lockdown hairstyle/fashion
  • Golden Oldie
  • Best Adviser
  • Best pet
  • Most enthusiastic lockdown runner
  • Green thumb
  • Best zoom backgrounds

A few rules/points to keep in mind:

  1. Each category needs at least 3 nominations for the category to be opened.
  2. The GCR President and GCP scholars are ineligible from consideration in the top 3 categories. This is due to them receiving a financial award from College as part of their role.
  3. Please don’t vote for yourself if you are nominated. Any such votes will be discounted.
  4. We kindly ask that nominees adhere to a strict “no campaigning” rule and do not send any emails/messages to fellow students asking them to vote for particular nominees.
  5. College reserves the right to remove entries if they don’t fit the category.
  6. By submitting any material, the College will own all the intellectual property rights, any material submitted must not be covered by a third party’s property rights.
  7. In the serious category you can nominate any fellow student and in the non-serious category you are allowed to nominate yourself.
  8. The top three categories (PhD student, Master’s student, undercover hero) are mutually exclusive – if you win e.g. outstanding contribution, you can’t win undercover hero as well.

To vote, please follow THIS LINK. To see why they were nominated check this link!

See the pictures submitted for certain categories!

Voting closes at midnight on Friday 11th June. The winners of the College Awards will be announced at the College Awards Formal on the 5th July!

Best Ustinov Chef Category

Lockdown Hairstyle/Fashion Category

Best Pet Category

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