C&S Update – cw47

Welcome back to your weekly Clubs & Societies update! I hope you had a great weekend, whether you joined the GCR trip to York or spent it doing other things. Let’s take a look at this week’s match results!

cw47 results.png
Results of the Ustinov matches in cw46.

What a week, so many victories! A huge well done to both of our Men’s Football teams and our Pool A and B teams. Our Basketball and Hockey ladies have even submitted reports of their victorious matches, so you can find out more about them below! Does the list of results look a little short to you? Three matches were cancelled this weekend: the Futsal match had to be rescheduled due to double bookings, in the case of the Table Tennis and Pool C matches the opposing team did not turn up and both might result in a walkover for our teams though the final decision has not been made yet.

181117 footballBs.jpg
Proud Ustinov B football team after their 4:0 victory. Photo credits: Jacopo Scita.

But now, let’s hear about the Women’s Hockey match from captain Charlotte O’Brien!

Unbeaten on the Field

A chilly fog didn’t stop the Ustinov ladies hockey team from maintaining their unbeaten run on Saturday night with a 2:1 win over St Johns College. They were dominant from the start with good passing play keeping most of the action in the opposition half. Despite the pressure from Ustinov, including solid short corner strikes from Dee, the first goal went to St Johns following a quick break. Ustinov were quickly back on the offensive though, and Laura managed to weave the ball through a crowded defence to level the game. Just before the half time whistle, a fine long range strike from Miriam put Ustinov into the lead. Despite more attacking play there were no further goals in the second half, and a strong Ustinov defence prevented any further threats from St Johns. The ladies are hoping for another good performance next Sunday, when they are up against Van Mildert.

Well done team, we are very proud of you!

Attentive readers who have looked at the Team Durham website might have noticed that the results have since been changed to a 0:3 walkover defeat for Ustinov due to St. John’s complaining that some alumni had been playing for the Ustinov team. Nevertheless, the caption I added to the above report still holds true. You go, Hockey ladies!

Action in the MC sports hall: Basketball Ustinov A vs Collingwood A! Photo taken by Tina Tang.

Next up is a report from the Women’s Basketball team’s last match of the first round, brought to you by captain Carrie Shang:

Teamwork for Victory

Last Saturday, the ladies from the basketball team played the last game this term against Collingwood. It was the last game for Andrea, one of the committed players of team Ustinov, as she will be going off to Mexico to work on her research. The game was a sweet ending to this term as we emerged victorious.

Prior to the game, we did not know a lot about the Collingwood basketball team, but we heard that it is a college with many players in each of their sports team. We were rather concerned and unsure if we could manage as we only had six players in the team who could turn up for the game. Nonetheless, we came together on our weekly training session led by Kevin and focused on some key strategies in preparation of the game. We were ready for it and focused more on the fun of playing basketball together rather than pursuing the result.

The game started at 1pm on 17 November at Maiden Castle. Two minutes into the start of first quarter, Geralin went past the opponent’s defense, scored the first two points with a successful layup. This encouraged all of us and boosted the morale of our team. For the rest of the game, everyone remembered the things that they have practiced at the previous training and applied them well. Besides that, there were also many good attempts made by all the players to score. In the second quarter, Andrea made the first try to score a basket, but the ball went off the basket. However, that did not deter Andrea from trying, she continued to attempt shots at good positions and successfully added two points to the team score at her fourth try. As beginners, Ilona and Tina also had many good attempts during the game and put in their best effort in defense. It is evident that there is good teamwork and unity in the team shown by the constant words of encouragement and high five given to one another on court and at the bench.

The whole game went smoothly, and we were leading in score throughout the game. The game eventually ended with the score of 59-27, we won! This is the best result achieved by the team after playing four games this term. It shows that we are making progress and we can do better in future games with committed player and regular trainings. Last but not least, we would like to give special thanks to Kevin who has been tirelessly coaching the women basketball team from scratch for the past three weeks and provided guidance for each game. Thank you, Kevin, and well done team Ustinov!

And thank you for the enjoyable report, Carrie! Beating Collingwood who are known as the sports college is definitely an impressive achievement!

Proudly beaming Basketball ladies after their victory together with their manager/coach Kevin. Photo credits: Tina Tang.

And now, let’s see which of the Ustinov teams have matches in the upcoming seven days:

cw47 matches.png
Upcoming matches for Ustinov teams in cw47.

Pool matches take place at the colleges of the home team, as listed. The location of the table tennis match is just a good guess for the moment, yet to be confirmed. The badminton match is played at the Freeman’s Quay sports centre just north of the town centre. Most other matches are carried out at Maiden Castle. Find out how to reach Maiden Castle and the precise locations of pitches here: https://ustinovgcr.com/sports-facilities/#mc.

Disclaimer: If you plan to visit a match, it is always a good idea to double-check the fixture on the Team Durham website: https://www.teamdurham.com/collegesport/sport/. Matches can occasionally be rescheduled, though usually no more than 48 hours before they are supposed to start.

181118 HL1s.jpg
Hairstyle & Lifestyle society on a climbing trip. Photo credit: Kimberley Liu.

The Hairstyle & Lifestyle society went on a climbing trip this Sunday – photos from the excursion can be seen above and in the feature image of this blog post. In the climbing hall they were coached by an Olympic athlete!

And that’s it again for this week. Keep warm in the steadily decreasing temperatures, and as usual, if you have taken pictures at any Ustinov matches, please don’t hesitate to email them to cs.ustinovgcr(at)durham.ac.uk for a chance to be featured in these weekly updates!

~ Vera, Clubs & Socs Officer

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