GCR Levy

By paying the GCR levy, you become a member of the GCR. This means that you can enjoy numerous benefits including:

The GCR uses the money to host countless events throughout the year, such as pub quizzes, movie nights, open mic nights, parties, and formals. It also provides our numerous clubs and societies with funding for equipment and pitch fees. Induction Week will give you a very condensed impression of the things we do!

Bearing all these things in mind, we encourage you to opt in and choose to pay the GCR levy. Become a part of this wonderful community!

To opt in, go HERE and click the “book on this event”. After entering your details online you will have the choice to opt in or our of the GCR levy before paying online if you opt in. If you have any problems, we have a helpful guide here. You can also get in touch with us here or by visiting the GCR office.

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