Newsletter 23rd Jan

headerSent 23rd January 2019

Events Rundown

Durham City Walking tour on the History of Crime and Justice                    

o    Thursday 31st January @ 32 old Elvet Street, 2pm

Ustinov Live

o    Friday 8th February @ Sheraton bar, 9pm

Clubs & Societies Fair Vol. 2

o    Sunday 10th February @Sheraton bar, 4pm

General Meeting             

o    Sunday 10th February @Sheraton bar, 7pm 

Greetings Ustinovians!

Good afternoon Ustinovians! I hope you are all enjoying the first week of the new term and being positive in the days ahead! If you are going to Sunderland football match next week, don’t forget to shout and sing and pass energy to the players! HAVE FUN. Also, we still have several tickets left for Chinese New year formal dinner, so don’t forget to book tickets and reserve all your seats, enjoy the event with your friends ! There will be fantastic performance on the dinner night! And now, have a look at our wonderful upcoming events:

Sports Updates:

For sporting news, see the recent C&S blog post at

Durham City Walking tour on the History of Crime and Justice

Join the Cafe des Arts for a walking tour around the back-streets of Durham city Centre and become acquainted with the architectural spaces, and places, of a thousand years of social history, on the theme of Crime and Justice.
The walk, once ran by Dr. Ivan Hill of the Sociology department, has been remade and shall be running again, now led by Dr David Honeywell. The walk shall take approximately 1.5 hours, and will commence from 32 old Elvet Street, outside the Sociology department, from 14:00-15:30 on Thursday, January 31st.
The event is completely free. So, come along and learn something new about your city! Find more information here:

Ustinov Live                     

We’re back, Ustinov! The first Ustinov Live of the year will take place on Friday 8th February at 9pm. Come on down to Sheraton bar for a wonderful evening of live entertainment. We’re looking for as many people to participate as possible; if you can sing, dance, play an instrument, read poetry or any other hidden talent you would like to showcase, then contact Alastair Stewart at . Don’t be shy, the more the merrier!

Clubs & Societies Fair Vol. 2   

Did you miss our Clubs & Societies Fair during Induction Week last October? Or would you just like to try something different this term? Come along to our second Clubs & Societies Fair to meet representatives of all 15 Ustinov clubs and societies! Whether you want to join a team or an individual sport, play boardgames or learn about hairstyles, we have a society for you. The fair will be followed by a GCR General Meeting with free pizza at the end, so you can easily combine both events! See a full list of clubs and societies here.

General Meeting               

Elections! Votes! Democracy! Pizza!
The next GCR General Meeting will be held on the 10th of February at 7pm (right after the Clubs and Societies Fair!). A couple of positions on the Executive Committee have now opened up and we would love for you to get involved. In particular, the roles of Social Secretary and Livers Out Representative are up for grabs. For more information on these roles and what they involve, see our committee info page.

Come on down to Sheraton Park café at 7pm to vote on some important issues, hear about what your committee has been up to over the last little while and ask any burning questions you may have! If you have any queries about elections or the General Meeting, send them to . SIDENOTE, THERE WILL BE PIZZA.

*Due to a busy social calendar over the next couple of weeks and an enthusiastic Deputy Social Secretary, the GCR Exec have decided to co-opt Tianniu Zhang as Social Secretary. Note this will only last until the next General Meeting, then we encourage any interested candidates to run for the position!*

Formal dinners information

Want to join more formals? Several Inter-MCR formals will take place in Josephine Bulter, Collingwood, Hild bede, st John’s colleges. All postgraduates and mature students from across the university are warmly invited to attend. You can find more information at:

Don’t forget to reserve your tickets in advance. Also don’t forget to bring your membership card in GCR office If you have paid for GCR membership.

Still not satisfied?

Weekly riddle

What 8 letter word can have a letter taken away and it still makes a word. Take another letter away and it still makes a word. Keep on doing that until you have one letter left. What is the word?

Answer for last week’s riddle: what time is it?

Many people got the right answer in such short time last week 🙂 You guys are so smart! Looking forward to this week’s reply! As usual, the answer will come with next newsletter, so don’t forget to check it out next week!

Photo of The Week

Walking in Hogwats—Durham University Ushaw College  
Photo credits: Kimberley Liu

If you’re a budding part time photographer and would like to submit a photo for the ‘Photo of the week’ segment, please send your submission to:

That’s all for this week’s newsletter. Hope you will enjoy these events in next couple of days! Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions about the newsletters!

Best Wishes,
Xinxin Yan
GCR Press Secretary

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